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File Q&A Stack Exchange ER model
File readme
File English Usage Mysql dump
File Seasoned Advice dump (Cook)
File Q&A Samples and Results
Samples and results for the Q&A Forum domain. Cotains the results and dataset of the Seasoned Advise (Cook), English Usage (english) and StackOverflow Q&A ...
File Samples and Results
Samples and results regarding the Wiki domain.
Folder Comparative Performance Evaluation of Relational and NoSQL Databases for Spatial and Mobile Applications [Query Template Guide]
Folder Web 2.0 Quality Assessment
File Features
Folder Mysql Dumps - Stack Overflow
Mysql data Dump for the Stack Overflow Q&A forum.
Folder Ranking Q&A Forums
Data for the Q&A Forums. More information can be found at and ...
File Users Badges
File Post History Sample
Question and answers history of edits
File PostsSample
Posts for the sample used in the article. (around 10.000 questions and 50.000 anwers)
File Post Types
The answer and questions are in the same table (Posts). PostTypes are the type of posts which the Q&A Forum has (eg. question, answer).
File SuggestedEdits
Suggestions of edit of a question/answer
File Users
File Votes
This is the table which has the votes (rating) of an answer/question
File VoteTypes
File Datasets
Datasets containg the samples Wikipedia, Starwars (with 3 classes), Starwars (with 5 classes) and Muppets
Folder Wiki Quality
Collections from the Wikipedia, Muppets, and Star-Wars used to predict the quality of wiki articles. More information about the used features can be found ...