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Here we have the dumps of all tables from Cook, StackOverflow and English Q&A Forums which we need to 
compute the features from the article "Exploiting User Feedback to Learn to Rank Answers in Q\&A Forums: a Case Study with Stack Overflow" (SIGIR 2013) and "A general multiview framework for assessing the quality of collaboratively created content on web 2.0" (JASIST). The file  model_qa.pdf shows the ER of these tables.

In the you can get all the others tables.
Note that, in StackOverflow, PostsSample and PostHistorySample is a sample got from the tables Posts and PostHistory, respectively. 

All the answers and questions are in the table Posts (PostsSample for StackOverflow). The attribute "postTypeId" is  the one 
which indicates if it is an answer (2) or  if it is a question (1). Attribute "owneruserid" identifies which user from the table "Users" posted this answer/question. 

PostHistory (PostHistorySample for StackOverflow), SuggestedEdits and Votes has a foreign key called "postid" which refer 
to the answer/question which it belongs.

The rating of an answer/question can be extracted by using the Votes table. The upvotes of an answer/question is extracted by retrieving the Votes which has votetypeid = 2 of an answer/question, and downvotes with votypeid = 3. There is the attribute "Score" from the table "PostSample" which has the score of one answer/question.

The tags from the question can be retrieved by using the attribute "tags" of the Posts (PostsSample in StackOverflow) table.
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