Efficient Processing Element Unit for MPSoC NoC-based

Paulo SantosJonathan MartinelliCezar ReinbrechtDébora MatosAltamiro Susin

The evolution of the VLSI technologies allowed the development of more dense integrated circuits andcomplex designs resulting in Multi Processors Systems on Chip (MPSoCs). An MPSoC may consist of several of Intellectual Properties (IP) such as CPU or DSP cores, high-bandwidth I/O, memory subsystem, etc. This great number of resources became this architecture very popular in embedded systems. On the other hand, it offers several challenges to integrate these elements. The solution widely accepted and established for the interconnection is the Network on Chip (NoC). However, NoC imply in design the interface for each IP, where in many cases results in wrappers. In this context, we propose a generic processing element capable to supply all requirements of the several applications and allow better time to market, reducing the design effort. The main goal of this paper is to present the concept and the proposed design of a generic interface for processing element in order to compose an MPSoC NoC-based.

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