Development of the Overlap and Add Block for SoC-SBTVD Audio MPEG4-AAC Decoder and Hardware Interface with the wm8731 CoDec

Renê A. BenvenutiAdriano RennerAltamiro A. Susin

SoC-SBTVD is a complex project that involves a few Brazilian universities focused on developmentof the Brazilian digital television Set Top Box (STB). In the LaPSI laboratory at UFRGS we aredeveloping the hardware of the STB in the System-on-Chip (SoC) approach. The architecture of the SoCwill contain a CPU and memory, the audio and video decoders and peripherals. The SoC is described inVHDL and synthesized to FPGA as a validation process to be afterwards mapped to silicon. This paperpresents a way to test the audio MPEG4-AAC decoder enabling to play a decoded audio stream. Thefocus is the creation of the overlap and add part of the decoder and also the creation of an interfacebetween the decoder and the codec wm8731, which will permit to appreciate the recovered sound in theaudience room.

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