Data Reuse Scheme for an Out-of-Order Motion and Disparity Estimation Targeting the Multiview Video Coding

Felipe SampaioBruno ZattSergio BampiLuciano Agostini

This paper presents a data reuse scheme for memory-aware Motion and Disparity Estimation (ME andDE) targeting the Multiview Video Coding. The strategy, called Search Window Centric Strategy (SWCS-MVC), ally several techniques to exploit the data locality: (a) reuse of overlapped regions between neighbor search windows, (b) GDV adoption to determine the DE start point and (c) out-of-order processing to increase the cache efficiency. In the best case, the data reuse scheme causes a reduction of 42,8% in the required offchip memory bandwidth when compared with the use of the traditional in-order frame level encoding (called Current Block Centric Scheduling). In the other hand, the penalty of using the out-of-order frame level processing impacts in the on-chip memory required to store the encoding partial results. However, with the search window size growth the penalty is amortized.

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