Ontologias e interoperabilidade semântica entre SIGs

Frederico FonsecaMax EgenhoferKarla A. V. Borges

The complexity and richness of geospatial data and the difficulty of their representation create specific problems for geographic information systems interoperability. This paper proposes the creation of software components from ontologies as a way to integrate geographic information. These software components are derived from ontologies using an object-oriented mapping. The translation of ontologies into active information system components leads to ontology-driven geographic information systems. The approach introduced by this work enables the use of the architecture by users developing new applications and by GIS database designers. The results presented here answer many questions presented in past works that dealt with the quest for a new GIS. The proposed architecture is up to date with requirements of modern information systems that should provide interoperability and move from managing data and information to managing knowledge.

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