A Real Time HDTV Motion Estimation Architecture for the New MPDS Algorithm

Gustavo SanchezDiego NobleMarcelo PortoSergio BampiLuciano Agostini

This paper presents the architectural design for Motion Estimation (ME) based on the new Multi-PointDiamond Search (MPDS) block matching algorithm. This algorithm reduces the local minima falls in the ME search process, increasing the quality of the ME prediction results. This paper presents a software evaluation about the MPDS which presented an average PSNR gain of 3.57dB and a maximum PSNR gain of 7.86dB when compared with the well known Diamond Search algorithm. The designed architecture was synthesized to an Altera Stratix 4 FPGA and, in the worst case scenario, this architecture is able to process HD 1080p videos in real time at 30 frames per second.

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