Simulation of wireless channel for UAV communication

Tiago C. S. XavierElvio J. LeonardoJoão A. MartiniItana Maria GimenesLuciana A. F. Martimiano

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been used intensely in various activities such as surveillance of geographical boundaries, monitoring of agricultural areas and image capturing. Most systems for these types of applications require some way of communication between the aircraft and stations placed on the ground and usually they have severe limitations regarding energy availability. This makes the use of technologies that promote energy efficiency very important. Thus, designing communications systems for UAVs is a challenging topic and one that has attracted much interest. This paper analyzes a communication channel for UAVs in the presence of noise, Doppler shift and fading. Moreover, simulations are presented to estimate the bit error rate and the coverage area The simulations were performed using typical parameters for the ZigBee protocol since it appears as a viable solution communication problem presented.

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