Proposal for Integrating UAV into Controlled Airspace Using Multiagent Paradigm

Mário A. CorrêaJoão Batista Camargo Júnior

During the last years, developed countries have made efforts to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into controlled airspace, aiming at their civilian use. So far, there has been no consensus on the criteria to be adopted by the community to, at least, keep minimum safety levels as those already attained by international aviation. In this scenario, commercial aircrafts - with increasing amount of passengers - and UAVs could be sharing the same airspace. There are a lot of concerns about current navigation, control and surveillance system capacity as well as on the ability of the air traffic control management to handle some dangerous situations caused by possible collisions between aircrafts from these two categories. Based on this scenario, a research about UAV in Controlled Air Space is presented.TheproposalismodelingUA Vbasedonthe Multiagent paradigm. Several scenarios and results are presented and discussed herein.

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