Evolving Tiriba Design towards a Product line of Small Electric-Powered UAVs

Rosana T. V. BragaKalinka Castelo BrancoOnofre Trindade JuniorItana Maria Gimenes

Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV) have been used in critical applications such as defense and agriculture. They contain embedded systems that need to be designed according to strict functional and non-functional requirements. There are several UAV models that, despite having differences, contain many common features that can take advantage of reuse techniques such as software product lines. Tiriba is a family of UAV designed for domain applications like agricultural management, defense, urban monitoring, and transmission line surveillance.It was initially designed based on conventional software development techniques together with Matlab/Simulink support. This paper presents an evolution of Tiriba design based on product line concepts that improves the generation of UAVs models as well as reducing its time to market.

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