Development of Embedded Multicore Systems Using TAU

Célio Estevan MorónAllen D. Malony

It has become evident for some time that it is not economically wise to speed up further the processor clock in order to get an increase in the computer power. One of the alternatives, the one that is proving to be very successful, is to use several cores within a single chip. This trend has reached all areas of computing, from mainstream computation throughout embedded systems. In the form of specialized high-performance systems, or dedicated embedded systems, multiprocessor machines have been present among us for decades. The problem is to produce it in a form as easy as sequential programming. This new trend will change the way we think about the whole development process. We will show that it is possible to develop a multicore embedded system application using existing tools and the model- driven development process proposed. The process is carried out in a cyclic way generating more refined versions of the application. The proposed process will use two tools: VisualRTXC for generating the multithread communication/synchronization structures and a performance tool called TAU for tuning the final implementation.

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