Databases Reliability Evaluation for Use in Critical Embedded Systems

Ricardo Alexandre Veiga GimenesJorge Rady de Almeida Junior

The Embedded System is usually constituted as an embedded device that requires a platform which works as a headquarter base of its embedded device. This kind of platform can be called Embedded Platform Systems. Data from databases play an increasingly important role in critical embedded systems normally present in the Embedded PlatformSystems. When designing a critical embedded system including off-the-shelf software based elements, we must make sure that such elements meet the system's reliability requirements. In order to achieve this purpose, we built a controlled testing environment, enabling us to run the proposed Reliability Evaluation, which aims at evaluating Transactional Processes on Database Management Systems. Such an environment should be able to manage, in a deterministic fashion, possible fault injection modes, so that one may test parameters such as Performance, Availability and others [1].Considering that the Information System is based on off-the- shelf coding (COTS) for databases, an effective way to evaluate them is by methods that test their preset parameters.One such a methodology is based on Database Management Systems evaluating testing.

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