Applying Reengineering on Simulink Model Assisted by UML Statechart

Guilherme FreireLeonardo PedroErik AntonioJuciara NepomucenoGlauco CaurinSamdra Fabbri

n the context of Embedded Systems (ES), the techniques used for model construction are specific for this domain, widely used by ES developers, and underused by Software Engineering (SE) developers. In general, the abstraction level of these models is close to the code and, after some time, their comprehension is difficult even for the person who developed them. Thus, the objective of this paper is to show that SE techniques, usually applied on conventional domains, can benefitsESdomainprovidingmostunderstandable documentation both for SE and ES developers. Based on a Simulink model developed some time ago by an ES developer, reverse engineering was applied to this model aiming to evaluate the model comprehension facility for both type of developers. Considering the difficulty, we used UML Statecharts that is a widely used SE technique, to elaborate a higher level abstraction model for the Simulink model. The UML Statechart model represented the requirements in a better and clearer way, and provided support for Simulink reconstruction. The results show that UML Statechart was able to represent the application requirements, provided a better representation of the system and contributed for a better documentation. As further work we plan to explore UML Statechart as a forward engineering technique in the context of embedded systems.

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