A Proposed Hardware and Software Architecture for a Robotic System

Gutemberg S. SantiagoAdelardo A. D. Medeiros

To manage the procedure of capturing, processing, and delivering all sensory information acquired by a complex robotic system, a robot architecture is needed. This class of robots deals with concurrent embedded real-time performance and intelligent algorithms at same time. The development of a generic robotic architecture to complex robotics systems has mainly two challengers: the complex level of the robotic systems; and the hardware diversity that robots are built. To deal with these problems a distributed hardware and software architecture for robotic systems was developed using communication standards. This architecture aims to manage different robots and provide a distributed communication system which allows the robots communicate among themselves and with a control base station. This proposed architecture is based on CAN Network and ROS Framework using Orocos RTT Framework, and it is being implemented on a mobile robot at initial stage of building.

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