A New Specification Model for the Design of Tangible User Interfaces

Leonardo C. BotegaAntonio M. B. DouradoOnofre Trindade JuniorRegina B. de Araújo

As new interfaces modalities emerge, specification models have to be devised and/or adapted to cope with natural and more complex interfaces. Tangible User Interface (TUI) is an exemple of such interfaces. With TUI, physical objects can be linked to digital information providing a more powerful interaction experience to users. While actual TUI modelling approaches facilitate the integration of physical objects in TUI interfaces, none of them associates high level semantics to those objects. In this paper a model-based methodology is proposed to accomplish the design process of advanced tangible user interfaces. The uniqueness of the proposed approach is to be platform independent, focusing on the interface elements and their behavior, and how they can be used to reach the user's goals. A case study of an interactive management system interface for unmanned flight is used to validate the proposed model.

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