A General Approach for Creating Software Product Lines Supported by DSLs in the Mobile Robots Domain

Rafael S. DurelliDaniel B. F. ConradoValter V. de CamargoRosângela A. D. Penteado

Nowadays, Mobile Robots (MRs) are becoming in- creasingly ubiquitous, which also increases their time-to-market. However, these systems are often developed without systematic software reuse techniques, compromising their reliability and sta- bility. Software Product Line (SPL) development is a promising systematic reuse technique which reduces time-to-market and also improves software quality. Thus, this paper presents an approach for creating software product lines for mobile robots that relies on Model-Driven Development (MDD) concepts to automate the generation of the SPL products. One can create a mobile robot software simply by combining SPL available features.

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