Extração de dados em sistemas de informações ambientais: arquitetura e esquema de metadados

Hélio Alvaro de Mello PerezAna Maria de Carvalho MouraAstério Kiyoshi Tanaka

Environmental information is very important for the creation of environmental protection strategies, representing one of the greatest worries of most public organizations and societies in the world. Characterized by its heterogeneous and distributed nature, this kind of information needs to be integrated and changed into useful information, originating the so-called Environmental Information Systems (EIS). One of the greatest difficulties in constructing an EIS concerns, besides the huge amount of available data, the lack of a storage standard format, turning out its use and integration to be very difficult. Besides, the most specific and well-known metadata standards used for cataloguing environmental data still present a low power level for representing the structural part of data repositories. This paper presents a three-layer architecture to support the access and extraction processes of environmental data captured from heterogeneous and distributed repositories, and a metamodel based on metadata to enable the structure mapping of these data into an intermediate level, allowing users to build their programs to access the information directly, without changing the original storage location nor the data structure or data formats.

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