Caracterização de Padrões de Acesso de Usuários do Orkut

Kênia Carolina GonçalvesHumberto Torres Marques-NetoJussara Marques de Almeida

Recently, there has been a huge growth in popularity of online social networking, which has facilitated the interaction between Internet users. The characterization of the users' access patterns of these applications is an important task to support the otimization project and new systems that best fit the user needs. This paper presents a characterization of users' access patterns of Orkut, the more popular social networking in Brazil. The characterization was done with real data traffic from a residential broadband provider, was presented from two perspectives: the intra-Orkut analysis, which emphasizes the pattern of users' navigation through various features of Orkut, and the inter-social network analysis, which covers the access from Orkut to other social networks such as YouTube, Fotolog, MySpace, and Facebook. The results show the presence of three distinct profiles of navigation through the features of Orkut, and a predominance of sessions using the Orkut and Fotolog together with YouTube to share videos and photos.

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