Integração do Mecanismo de Self-healing na Execução das Composição de Sistemas de Informacão através dos Serviços Web Semânticos

Manuele FerreiraDaniela Barreiro ClaroDenivaldo Lopes

The use of Web services has grown due to the increase of interoperableenvironment, low cost, integrated and loosely coupled systems. However,an atomic service, at times, does not achieve the goal given by a user, thus itshould be composed. Compositions of web services could become available inlarge and complex environments, for example the Internet, which leverage tofaults during the execution process. In order to provide greater availability ofthese compositions, mechanisms of detection and failure recovery are necessaryand were integrated into a development environment to improve reliability.Self-manageable features should also be included due to the complexity of theenvironment. Thus, this work proposes the incorporation of mechanisms forself-healing as an Eclipse plugin to manage these web service compositions.Experiments were conducted to validate our proposal and generate a comparisonwith previous work.

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