Ferramenta de Simulação com Abordagem de Sistema Multiagente Híbrida para Gestão Ambiental

Carolina Gonçalves AbreuCássio Giorgio Couto CoelhoCélia Ghedini RalhaAlexandre ZaghettoBruno Macchiavello

This paper introduces a prototype for a computer system that performssimulations of land use. The proposed system is an evolution of an earlierwork and aims to assist in analyzing the dynamics of land use and land cover,so it can serve as a tool in making decisions. The system uses a multi-agent approachand configurable model. The model takes into account certain proximalvariables such as the presence of roads, buildings, water courses, etc. These variablesare used in order to identify which regions are most likely to be used inany anthropic activity. The system presents the potential for the user to be ableto configure the simulation model indicating which proximal variables will betaken into account, the importance of each variable, and even the state machineused during the simulations. The multi-agent system allows the development ofvarious behaviors of the agents involved which can generate different simulation'sscenarios. Initial simulations are also presented for the cerrado biome.The cerrado is one of the major biomes and is considered a hotspot of globalbiodiversity.

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