Análise de Fatores Críticos de Sucesso da Gestão de Processos de Negócio em Organizações Públicas

Hígor M. SantosAndré F. SantanaCarina F. Alves

This work aims to analyze the relationship between Critical Success Factors (CSF) frequently encountered in literature to those encountered in business process management initiatives (BPM) from public sector. Best practices in BPM have been focused by organizations which aim to obtain an optimal performance. However, as the number of BPM initiatives grows, high failure rates are reported. On this context, based on CFS encountered in literature, this research aims to investigate, by a qualitative empirical study, which factors deserve more attention from public organization. As result and main contribution, it was observed that there are factors that are singular to public sector, in form of barriers and facilitators beyond the ones encountered in literature.

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