Improvements in the Superframes Generation in MAC 802.15.3 Using Dynamic MCTA

Guillermo ReggianiOmar AlimentiRicardo CayssialsEdgard Ferro

The channel time allocation algorithm in 802.15.3 is determined according to the releases of the devices and managed by the controller of the piconet (PNC). In real time systems, the CAP (contention access period) generates a non determinist effect on the use of the channel when different requests are assigned. On the other hand, the utilization of the MCTA´s (management channel time allocation), allows the implementation of reservation mechanisms for all the devices that require the use of the channel. This paper presents a modified channel time allocation algorithm based on MCTA with a variable superframe. We proposed dynamic superframe duration in order to improve the average response time of the devices associated with the piconet.

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