Applying Forecasting to Interval Based DVS

Carlos Henrique Sant’ AnaLuciano BertiniJulius LeiteDaniel Mossé

A well known way of attaining energy economy in a computer system is through the DVS (Dynamic Voltage Scaling) technique at the processor level. This means choosing the appropriate CPU frequency of operation, from a set of a few discrete frequencies available. Several published methods for optimizing energy consumption rely on that. Basically, they use past data from the system (e.g., average utilization in a time window) to set the CPU operating point. In this paper we present a novel way of applying DVS control, through the forecast of the future system state, and then preparing the system to deliver a specified quality of service (QoS) and yet reducing the energy consumption. Here we discuss the use of the Holt’s linear method of forecasting to processor energy control, and show some experiments we made in a prototype web server cluster

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