Coordinated DVS for QoS Control in Energy-efficient Web Clusters

Luciano BertiniJ. C. B. LeiteDaniel Mossé

The design of energy-efficient computing systems involves seeking any slack that the system can offer. With real-time modeling, one avenue is to design the system’s resource management to control the quality of service (QoS) at the lowest level that still meets the real-time specification, avoiding overprovisioning of the system, and thus saving energy. To achieve QoS control, we obtain dynamically a QoS metric and then actuate in the speed of the server nodes capable of dynamic voltage scaling (DVS). Because clusters are often heterogeneous, using different DVS settings in each server produces better energy savings. In this paper we investigate local nodes adjusting their DVS settings based on a global off-line optimization, achieving extra power reduction up to 10%. Our testbed is a Web cluster composed only of commodity servers, and the workload is from a standardized e-commerce application modeled with real-time properties, the TPC-W

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