RK+MOSIX: A Real-time Kernel with Task Migration Support

Jae C. OhRajesh ChopadeSunil VajirRadika Garg

We combine two well-known technologies, the resource kernel for real-time task guarantees and MOSIX for dynamic task migrations, and describe how to alleviate the problems that result from their interactions. We describe the ideas, motivations, and design and implementation of middleware based on these two separate systems. By combining a resource kernel (Linux/RK) and a dynamic load-balancing system (OpenMosix), we increase the chance of completing a real-time task, even if there aren’t enough resources in a local machine to meet the deadline of the task. Since the original Linux/RK was implemented for a single machine, not supporting task migrations, several issues relating to the resource kernel system calls had to be resolved before migration of real-time tasks was possible. We also resolved some compatibility issues in combining OpenMosix and Linux/RK. We discuss detailed implementation issues in combining these three systems and lessons learned. We also discuss network overhead issues relating to the admission control of real-time tasks.

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