Um modelo de desempenho Markoviano para escalonamento de processos paralelos no GNU/Linux

Regiane Y. KawasakiLuiz A. GuedesCarlos R. L. FrancesJoão C. W. A. CostaGlaucio H. S. CarvalhoDiego L. CardosoMarcelino S. SilvaLuiz D. C. Augusto

Parallel Computing become a powerful tool to overcome certain types of computational problems in many areas such as engineer, especially due to the increasing diversity of platforms for the execution of this type of application. The use of parallel computing over LANs (Local Area Networks) is an alternative in the universe of parallel machines, but needs to imply QoS (Quality of Service) parameters so can execute efficiently. In this scenario, the deployment of resource allocation scheme plays an important role in order to satisfy the QoS requirements for parallel applications. In this paper we propose and present Markovian models for resource allocation (CPU allocation) schemes in GPOS (General Purpose Operating Systems).

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