Gerenciamento de energia em sistemas de sensoriamento remoto

Arliones Stevert Hoeller JuniorLucas Francisco WannerAugusto Born de OliveiraRoger Kreutz ImmichAntônio Augusto Fröhlich

Remote sensing systems usually are simple, battery-powered systems with resource limitations. In some situations, their batteries lifetime becomes a primordial factor for reliability. Because of this, it is very important to handle power consumption of such devices in a non-restrictive and low-overhead way. In this paper we propose a simplified interface for application-driven power management of software and hardware components in a hierarchically organized, component-based operating system. This method allowed power management of system components without the need for costly techniques or strategies. A case study which implements a thermometer for indoor environments showed energy savings of almost 40% by just allowing applications to express when certain components are not being used.

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