EPOS: um sistema operacional portável para sistemas profundamente embarcados

Hugo MarcondesArliones Stevert Hoeller JuniorLucas Francisco WannerRafael Luiz CancianDanillo Moura SantosAntônio Augusto M. Fröhlich

Several reasons may cause the change of a embedded application hardware platform, like the need for using less expensive hardware or the need for extra resources. The use of a architecture-independent software/hardware interface brings several benefits to the process of embedded system development. However, the definition of this interface in the realm of embedded systems is not a straight-forward task, since these platform present a huge architectural variability. This work shows how an application-oriented component-based operating system was developed to allow application portability. Case studies present two embedded applications running in different platforms, showing that application source code is totally free of architecture-dependencies. Finally, an ongoing work of Co-Design on proposed system is presented.

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