Women in Information Technology

Claudia B. Medeiros

This workshop was a first of a series of an initiatives of the Brazilian Computer Society to discuss gender issues in Information Technology (IT) in Brazil – success histories, policies to foster participation, and ways and means to attract and involve the young, especially women, in IT-related careers. Organized around guest speakers and panels, the workshop will concentrate on debating problems related with women´s access to TI – the job market, digital inclusion and literacy. The main themes will deal with the need to educate, recruit and train women, as a strategic policy for national and regional development and competitiveness. The main goal was to establish a forum to promote strategies to increase the participation of women in IT in Brazil. The themes covered will include · Critical aspects that impact women´s full access , training, participation and leadership in IT · Strategies to increase the visibility, in Brazil, of problems related to gender and IT, and the awareness of all segments of our society · National and international corporate policies that are being undertaken to face these challenges · Presentation of success stories

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