An Approach to Inter-domain QoS Management in Next Generation Networks

Ricardo FreitasLuciano B. de PaulaEdmundo R. M. MadeiraFábio Luciano Verdi

The Next Generation Networks (NGNs) are an effort to create new network architectures to meet nowadays requirements like autonomous, heterogeneous and mobile domains. With a growing multitude of online applications, end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) has become more important especially for media and real-time uses. Managing inter-domain QoS in networks with such autonomous and heterogeneous domains became a great challenge. Therefore, this work presents an approach for using virtualization, through the Virtual Topology Service (VTS), to improve the management of inter-domain QoS for moving networks. This work also presents the adaptations made to adequate the VTS to the NGN reality as well as the results on resource reservation time.

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