An Interceptor Model to Provide Dynamic Adaptation in the InteGrade Grid Middleware

Jesus José de Oliveira NetoFábio M. Costa

Computer grids typically combine computational resources of diverse types, such as storage, processing and scientific instruments, spread across different administrative domains. As a result, computer grids are a complex and diversified execution environment, which exhibit high variation of resource availability and node instability, among other problems. This paper presents a model for dynamic interceptors and its use in InteGrade, an opportunistic grid middleware. The use of interceptors aims to provide dynamic adaptation capabilities to InteGrade through its underlying communications middleware, contributing to make InteGrade able to deal with the highly variable execution environment of opportunistic grids. The aim is to show that existing dynamic adaptation capabilities, a common feature of modern distributed systems middleware, can be used to provide a significant level of flexibility to grid computing middleware, mostly displacing the need to (re-)implement specific adaptation mechanisms for the latter kind of middleware.

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