A Grid Enabled Algorithm for the Multiple Resources Allocation Problem

Higor Vieira NetoLúcia DrummondVinicius Petrucci

Typically, a Grid is composed by a collection of clusters, whose nodes are connected by high-speed dedicated links. Communication among nodes in distinct clusters is performed by much slower WANs. One would like to have scalable synchronization algorithms taking into account such hierarchical network topology. In this work we propose a token-based algorithm to solve the multiple resources allocation problem considering the usual hierarchical network topology of Grid environments. Few papers present a mutual exclusion algorithm specifically for Grids and usually they consider the sharing of a unique resource. However, it is typical in Grids to have several kinds of shared resources, including hardware such as RAM, disk space, communication channels, and software such as programs, files and data. We compared the proposed algorithm with a well known token-based algorithm for solving the multiple resource allocation problem, which does not consider the particularities of Grid environments. The reduction in the number of inter-cluster messages and the waiting time to enter a critical section makes the proposed algorithm very attractive in Grid applications.

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