Carlos Alberto ZorzoRafaella Aline Lopes da SilvaThelma Elita ColanziSilvia Regina Vergilio

Seleção de Recursos em Grades Computacionais usando Funções de Utilidade

In the test of Software Product Line (SPL), incremental strategies enable the systematic reuse of test cases. However, SPL testing is an emergent research area, and in the literature, works that report results from the use of test strategies for SPL are scarce. Considering this fact, this work describes a case study using an incremental test strategy to test a SPL in the domain of games for mobile devices. A methodology is proposed to allow the application of the strategy and its integration with a test case generation method based on use cases, since this is a model largely used in the development of SPL. In the study, it was observed that the strategy allows test cases reuse and reduction of time and effort of the test activity, compared with a traditional strategy.

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