Aplicando a Sinergia entre Artes, Cultura, Realidade Virtual e Computação Gráfica Interativa na Construção Colaborativa e Interdisciplinar de Conhecimento

Jorge Ferreira FrancoNilton Ferreira FrancoSandra Regina Rodrigues da CruzRoseli De Deus Lopes

Using the synergy among computer graphics, virtual reality, teaching learning theories such as constructivism, construcionism e experiential learning, arts, culture, multimedia files and tools, including the development of projects based on problem solving for supporting learning environments has showed to be effective for consolidating collaborative, interdisciplinary and innovative learning practices. Such practices have stimulated individuals’ lifelong learning to learn with autonomy based on research, sharing knowledge and authoring content within at school environment, as well forming a cooperative knowledge network evolving the community around. As a result, such synergy has contributed for improving individuals’ reading and writing traditional and digital skills (literacy).

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