AnatomI 3D: Um Atlas Digital Baseado em Realidade Virtual para Ensino de Medicina

Bruno S. MonteiroLiliane S. MachadoRonei M. MoraesMilane C. O. ValdekÍcaro L. L. Cunha

Medicine is being benefited from the advances in Virtual Reality (VR) by uses of systems that permit greater level of detail in exams, simulation of procedures and in the teaching and training of professionals. In this paper is presented the AnatomI 3D, a medical atlas based in VR that presents interactive three-dimensional structures of the human body and offers visualization in four different modes (monoscopic, anaglyph, polarized light or using shutter glasses). The AnatomI 3D is a freeware platform totally based in public domain tools that can integrate structures and texts for the anatomy study.

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