Desenvolvimento de ambientes multi-usuários interdimensionais.

Aquiles M. F. BurlamaquiRummenigge R. DantasClaudio A. SchneiderSamuel AzevedoJosivan XavierJúlio César de MeloRafael Beserra GomesLuiz M. G. Gonçalves

In this work we introduces the concept of interdimensional virtual environments and proposes to it creation an architecture based on the clientserver model. Our architecture allow the users with different resources sharing the same environment in a transparent way, same that users are connect by a different graphical interfaces (3D, 2D, 1D). This interdimensionality provides by the system is possible thanks to the use of a component in the serving side that if put in charge to carry through, when necessary, the transformation of the messages of a dimension for another one, removing or adding indispensable information to the different customers of the system.

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