Electronic Handlebar: A new home-brewed input device for three-dimensional navigation

Rodrigo BarniJonathan MellerLuciana P. Nedel

Navigation control in three-dimensional environments is one of the key issues in Virtual Reality interaction and games research. In this paper the authors propose a new device with five degrees of freedom for guidance and navigation, roughly based on an extended bicycle handlebar metaphor, and compare it with an existing and well established technique – the combination of mouse and keyboard for rotational and translational control. Comparisons are made for planar and spatial navigation using both a head-mounted display and a CRT screen monitor for visualization. While the Electronic Handlebar compares unfavorably on several situations to the mouse and keyboard combination on ease of use and precision metrics, our tests indicate that it provides greater sense of immersion and is more enjoyable to use, pointing to a strong inclination for use on entertainment applications.

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