Processamento e Visualização de Campos de Iluminâncias Utilizando VRML e Integração com CAD 3D

Tiago Martinuzzi BuriolMarlos Fabris MirandaMaurício MullerSérgio ScheerGuilherme TowsDaniele Zandoná

This article presents a support tool for illumination dimensioning of external areas which constituted of algorithms for scalar field processing and post-processing. The algorithms allow, after the creation of any illumination project using a 3D CAD’s intuitive interface, processing of the direct illumination point-by-point data in 2D or 3D rectangular meshes, and visualizing the results in an interactive way in a 3D virtual environment. With this tool it was possible to simulate different illumination projects and compare them. Tools used in the development were the 3D CAD Solidworks, the VTK file format, the SQL Express database, the IIS webserver and VRML and C# languages.

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