Uma Avaliação Sobre o Uso de Estímulos Táteis em um Ambiente Virtual

Rafael RiederFelipe Bacim de Araújo e SilvaRégis Augusto Poli KopperMauro César Charão dos SantosAndré Benveniti TrombettaMárcio Serolli Pinho

The aim of this paper is to evaluate the use of a touch feedback device in a virtual environment, though the use of vibrating micro-motors attached in some parts of the user body. So, this work divides the interaction process in stages (selection, grab, position and release), to analyze each stage separately. The tactile feedback modalities are adapted to the characteristics of these stages, as well as evaluation metrics are used to control the user tasks. In spite of the occurrence of magnetic interference problems during the tests, the use of vibratory actuators contributed to the immediate perception of selection and collision of the objects, which choice helped in the positioning time reduction them.

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