Analysis of the Impact of Amplifier Noise Figure Modeling in the Performance Evaluations of All-Optical Networks

Helder A. PereiraRenan V. B. CarvalhoCarmelo J. A. Bastos-FilhoJoaquim F. Martins-Filho

In all-optical networks, the fluctuations in the number of active channels modify the saturation condition of the optical amplifiers, leading to variations in the amplifiers gain and Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) power. An inappropriate gain and noise figure can lead to an unacceptable Bit Error Rate (BER), resulting in a poor Quality of Service (QoS). Some authors consider the ASE as a constant noise added in the amplifier output, whereas other authors consider that the ASE noise can vary depending on the physical layer status. The optical amplifiers for the next generation of optical networks will have to present a minimum gain dependence with the input power. Therefore, the impact of noise figure behavior of these amplifiers must be analyzed

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