An Evaluation of the Performance Impact of Generic APIs on Two Group Communication Systems

Leandro SalesHenrique TeófiloJonathan D’OrleansNabor C. MendonçaRafael BarbosaFernando Antonio Mota Trinta

This paper presents an evaluation of the performance impact of two generic group communication APIs, namely Hedera and jGCS, over two wellknown group communication systems, namely JGroups and Spread. The evaluation compared the performance of different configurations of the two group communication systems in a four-node cluster, under different message sizes, both in standalone mode and when used as plug-ins for the two generic APIs. The results show that there are significant differences in the overhead imposed by each generic API with respect to the performance of both JGroups and Spread, when used in standalone mode, and that those differences are strongly related to variations in message size and also to the way the generic APIs and their plug-in mechanisms are implemented. Based on those results, this paper discusses some of the circumstances upon which it would be worth implementing group communication using the systems and APIs investigated.

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