An MDA Domain Specific Architecture to Provide Interoperability Among Collaborative Environments

Rita Suzana Pitangueira MacielCarlos Guimarães FerrazNelson Souto Rosa

Provisionamento Automático de Conexões Determinísticas para Redes GOBS

A Domain Specific Architecture (DSA) is generic architecture for a family of application system, a problem or a task area. Middleware specific services are tailored to the requirements of particular domain. Through a development process that uses the Object Management Group Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), this paper presents the InterDOC, a domain-specific architecture that includes specific middleware services to provide interoperability in the collaborative authoring domain. The MDA's UML profile Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC) is used to achieve a platform-independent specification that could be mapped into various specific environments, and to domain-conceptual modelling.

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