Towards a Landmark-based Flat Routing

Rafael PasquiniFábio Luciano VerdiMaurício Ferreira Magalhães

Two main groups of Flat Routing proposals are found in the literature. The biggest group considers the existence of an underlay network providing direct communication between neighbors at the flat identity layer. On the other hand, a smaller set of proposals consider a scenario that has none underlay network, i.e., routing directly on flat identifiers/names. Our interest is concentrated on the second group due to the perspective of a new internetworking model in which the network layer has no information regarding location and, in this paper, our Landmark-based Flat Routing proposal is introduced. We also present a tool for evaluating different topologies and flat routing protocols. The quantitative results show the signaling overhead and the trade-off between routing table size and route stretch. The results were collected using the tool under two distinct topologies, a regular mesh and an Internet-like topology.

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