Using Evolving Graphs Foremost Journeys to Evaluate Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols

Julian MonteiroAlfredo GoldmanAfonso Ferreira

The performance evaluation of routing protocols for ad hoc networks is a difficult task. However, a graph theoretic model – the evolving graphs – was recently proposed to help capture the behavior of dynamic networks with fixed-schedule behavior. Our recent experiments showed that evolving graphs have all the potentials to be an effective and powerful tool in the development of routing protocols for dynamic networks. In this paper, we design a new congestion avoidance mechanism and a modified end-to-end delay metric in order to improve the evolving graph based routing protocol proposed previously. We use the NS2 network simulator to compare this new version to the three protocols provided by NS2, namely AODV, DSR and DSDV, and to OLSR, which is included in the experiments for the first time.

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