An Execution Model for Java on Cell BE Processor

Francisco HoyosBruno TelesRodolfo Azevedo

This paper introduces a Java execution model for the Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE) processor. Such model allows the Java programmer to execute tasks (pieces of Java code) on the Synergistic Processing Elements (SPE), which are highly specialized cores in the Cell BE chip. While other solutions try to completely hide the Cell BE’s heterogeneous multi-core architecture, we expose an explicit distributed memory model, empowering the Java programmer to define exactly what code runs on the SPEs. We successfully demonstrate the feasibility of our model by presenting the performance improvement obtained when deploying two different Java test programs in our Cell BE aware Java Virtual Machine (JVM). We show that, with 6 SPEs, such programs run 2.27 times faster, on average, than the same programs executed on the original (non Cell BE aware) JVM.

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