Planejamento gráfico de Interface para um jogo RPG Educacional para computadores

A. L. BrandãoD. M. TortelliJ.D. BrancherD. A. BandeiraL.S. MeneghiniM. P. AguiarN.Y. MizukawaC.C. Padilha

The present paper summarizes some aspects of the planning [flowchart] and the process of creation of an interface’s development for a computer game. It argues methodologies of development and documentation of games from the point of view of the multidisciplinary team. This paper presents the partial reached results in one of the stages of the project RPGEDU. This project intends to develop educative software for education directed to basic education. This work observes the importance of the interface from a proposal of development with participation of programmers, designers and illustrators. It presents a partial result of the work and the first version of the screens of the RPG game, named “Taltun: the Land of the Knowledge”.

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