Serviços de Adaptação de Jogabilidade para Jogos Multiplataforma Multiusuario

Davi PedrosaFernando TrintaCarlos FerrazGeber Ramalho

This paper presents a particular view for future Networked Multiplayer Games. These applications will include features from pervasive computing, allowing players to enjoy them using different devices, such as PDAs and Mobile Phones, almost anywhere, anytime. In this document, we call these applications Pervasive Multiplayer Multiplatform Games (PM2G). We present scenarios that show intended characteristics for these games, describing specific PM2G concepts and the players’ interaction. As the main contribution of this paper, the design and implementation of two services are detailed. They perform player´s playability adaptation according to context information, such as the current device in use. Finally, common game scenarios are created to validate the functionality.

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