One Scenario for Choreographic Coordination of Intelligent Agents in Entertainment Applications

Rodrigo B. V. LimaPatrícia A. Restelli TedescoGeber L. Ramalho

Most researches in agent coordination for computer games focus on tactical/spatial coordination of NPCs (Non Playable Characters) seeking effective methods for accomplishing a collective task in the context of war games, FPS (First Person Shooters) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) (e.g., [Almeida et al. 2004; Madeira et al. 2005; Marthi et al. 2005]). Some research efforts have been employed to make the movements of group of agents more realistic and pleasant [Messick 1999; Reynolds 1999]. However, the aesthetic aspect plays a secondary role in the complexity of the task the group of agents must accomplish. This work represents a step forward towards a deeper concern on the aesthetic/choreographic dimension that may arise from the NPCs interactions. Based on a framework for supporting multi-agent choreographic coordination [Lima et al. 2005], we present an original 2D entertainment application, named DiscoTech, where agents reason, communicate and coordinate with each other in order to form groups and perform choreographies.

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