Guffs Character Animation System for 3D Games and Applications

Márcio S. CamiloAura Conci

3D Games frameworks usually have some type of Character Animation System based on a low level layer for animations and a high level layer related with the behavior and intelligence of characters. The low level is responsible for providing a way of obtaining animations and to play them correctly and suitable according to the needs of the high level. This paper presents the implementation of the low level layer of the Guff Framework. This system provides functionalities for obtaining animations based on the Doom3’s MD5 models and the possibility of a fine tune post-design configuration stage, which allows game designers to set groups of animations for supplying the high level animation system, animation-to-animation transitions and animations properties such as uniformity, evolution, and timing. Finally, a first approach to a high level animation system, based in a very simple finite state machine, is developed to show how the low level animation system can support the high level animation system.

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