Design by Contract com JML

Rogério Dourado Silva Jr.Jorge César Abrantes de FiguereidoDalton Dario Serey Guerrero

Design by Contract (DBC) is a development methodology that aims the construction of more reliable object-oriented systems. It provides an assertion violation mechanism capable to check the conformance of the code against its specification. The main idea of DBC is the explicit establishment of a contract between the classes of the system. The ones in the client role must guarantee certain conditions before invoking others methods (pre-conditions), that in turn must satifies some properties after their execution (postconditions). JML (Java Modeling Language) is a formal behavioral interface specification language for Java that contains the essential notations used in DBC as a subset. In this course, the DBC concepts are introduced using JML notations to specify Java classes. We also give emphasis in examples showing how to use effectively the method and tools that supports it.

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